When teenage pregnancy becomes your driving force?

When young girls acquire confidence they no longer become slaves of their past dark lives, no matter how the society wants to use them as reasons to put them down. In fact their dark past turns out to be a pinching point and a motivating factor to raise again and chase their dreams, this time not only for their sake but for their children too. And this became evident when Suzan one of our participant who became a mother at a tender age and consequently forced to end his education journey, got the courage to bring her daughter with her to the learning space as she learns digital skills. A close chart with her reveals that, her daughter is the reason she wants to acquire ICT Skills and pursue a career in Information Technology (IT), a field known for men in our community so that she can change the narrative as well as ensuring her child gets more opportunities than her and get the education she missed out on.  Have a look at how the two year old girl is fascinated to interact with a computer.