Launching of Building with Books Project

We launched our inaugural Building with Books club in Mitangani Secondary school, in Bamba ward on the 10th September 2018. The school is located 60km in the interior part of Kilifi Town, and about 20km from Bamba Trading center). We shared literature books (Both English and Swahili) with the school. The books will be used by the teachers in collaboration with our Volunteers to enhance comprehension and bringing into life the 21st Century skills, commonly known as Four Cs: Communication skills, Creativity, Critical thinking and Collaboration skills among the learners.

The Four Cs will also go hand in hand with digital skills training. Our goal is to reduce the digital gap between rural and urban areas as well as the digital gender divide. Our desire is to ensure children from rural areas don’t stand at a disadvantage by virtue of their birthplace. No one chooses where to be born, and we are indebted to ensure one’s birthplace does not generate to a barrier in achieving one’s life aspirations.

On realizing our founder was around the form four (Grade 12) students asked the school to allocate him, some time to speak with them. We we removed when the student’s representative told the Principal they are ready to sacrifice their lunch time for a motivational talk. And indeed they did, and the drying tree shades which normally assumes the role of a dinning hall due to lack of adequate classrooms in the school became our inspirational center. At the end our Director could not disappoint his newly found friends who asked for a selfie with their newly found role model.


Our founder having an inspiration talk with this years candidates. The talk was ment to motivate and inspire confidence to the grade 12 students awaiting their national exams