Building with Books!


Three children from Chambuko primary school smiling wearing school uniform

Books Open Up New Worlds

Children learn not only from teaching, but from books. Reading breeds curiosity, stimulates the imagination and whets the appetite for writing one’s own stories. Unfortunately, however, schoolbooks and storybooks are in short supply for children in Kenya.

Why Books

Kenya’s primary schools receive $0.40 per child per term for textbooks and class readers. Total government support for schools is $1.30 per child. The cost of one math book is $6.50. The problem is in the math and other subject textbooks. Our textbook contribution will be directed to the grade level priorities partner schools have identified.

What We Do

To improve student’s performance and high school eligibility, we collaborate with partner primary and secondary schools to acquire needed classroom resources, supply to them and facilitate effective utilization of those materials.

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