Women Inspires

In preparation for the International Women’s Day commemorated on the 8th March 2018, on 6th March 2019 we had one Guest speaker who volunteered her time to inspire some of our participants in our learning room. Her name is Purity Kiponda, Purity is a 26 years old who happens to be an social Entrepreneur (broilers chicken farmer), a Gender activist, a football coach at Moving the GoalPosts (MTG)-Kilifi, a third year student at Pwani University, an Empowered teenage mother and also one of our Board Members.

How talk entitled “How daring are you to believe in your dream?” proved to be very inspirational especially to our female participants who got moved with her story. They got a rare chance to listen to one of their own who got pregnant while in form 2 (Equivalent of 10th Grade) aged 16 and instead of dropping out of school and probably getting married as most girls in our community would do, Purity choose a different route and today she is a living testimony of what an Empowered girl child can become.

She is now paying her own university fees courtesy of her business as well as supporting her child. She also urged the boys in the room to refrain and resist from allowing their young sisters who get pregnant while in school from dropping out of school or getting married at a young age, instead they should support them and ensure they also get education like them.